Below are the different statuses that could apply to an order.




  1. Customer clicked on “Secure Checkout” but does not complete the mandate authorisation process, OR 

  2. The subscription is suspended due to failed payment.


The mandate authorisation is successful and the enrolment report (ENRP) has not yet been returned by the buyer bank. This status is only applicable to recurring plans when Direct Debit (FPX) is chosen as the payment method.

Enrolment approved

The enrolment report (ENRP) has been received by the seller bank. The first collection will be attempted. 


Payment collections for the subscription were successful so far.


The subscription has been temporarily stopped by the customer or merchant.

Awaiting cancellation

Your cancellation request has been submitted and is pending action by you. Note: Your subscription has not yet been cancelled.


The subscription has been successfully cancelled by the admin.