1. Register for an account using the link (https://signup.demostore.curlec.com). The registration form has three sections,

  1. Company Registration Details 

  2. Subscription Platform Details

  3. Customer Mandate Settings

2. After registration, a popup saying 'Registration Successful' will appear. Click on the 'Continue' button to be redirected to the demo environment sign-in page.

3. To log in to the demo environment sign-in page, you will need to access the admin panel, which can be accessed through adding /admin/login to the end of the URL. 

E.g. test.demostore.curlec.com/admin/login. Then, input your email and password that you used to register your account.

If there are any issues with the registration process, please reach out to Curlec’s Customer Success Team via email (success@curlec.com). 

A video demo is available below