To set up the relationship between the mandates and customer accounts, you would need to upload a mapping file which consists of 2 columns - mandate payment reference number and account number. Note that account numbers must be unique and multiple account numbers can be linked to one mandate.

In order to link an existing account code to a new mandate, merchants will first have to ensure that the account code has been deleted from the Group Pay Mapping tab of the current mandate it is linked to. 

Steps on how to delete an exiting relationship and link an existing account code to a new mandate:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Mandate” > View Mandate.

  3. Look for the mandate of interest and click on the pen icon.

  4. Select the Group Pay Mapping” tab. 

  5. Look for the account code you wish to link to a new mandate, and click on the dustbin icon. Then, click Yes.

  6. Proceed to uploading a Group Pay mapping file as described here.