When setting up a mandate, one or more "details" can be added to the mandate. An example of a use case for having multiple "details" is when a few insurance policies' premiums are collected from the same mandate.

Curlec's batch upload function allows you to initiate collections from multiple Policy Numbers without indicating the mandate reference number. The collection can be scheduled for a future date by specifying in the filename.

To submit collections via Details ID (Policy Numbers):

  1. Click on the main menu and select Batch Upload.

  2. Under the template drop-down menu, select Collection (Master Details)” and click Download”.

  3. Populate the file with Policy Number as Details ID and the respective collection amount (RM).

  4. Save the filename where yyyymmdd will be the collection date.

  5. Go back to the portal and click on Browse”.

  6. Choose the appropriate file and click Upload”.

  7. If there is no error, the collection file (CFT) will be created accordingly.

*The maximum number of rows in a single file is 2,000.