Payouts can be performed via 3 payment methods:

  1. Interbank Giro (IBG)
  2. Instant Transfer via DuitNow
  3. DuitNow

The payment method is decided when filling up the form to add a bank account for a payee. Note that there are slight differences in the information required for each of the different payment methods.


Instant Transfer via DuitNow:


Differences between the payment methods:

  • Settlement time:
    • IBG: Slight delay in settlement because collections follow the IBG Transfer Schedule
    • Instant Transfer via DuitNow: Near real-time
    • DuitNow: Near real-time

  • Bank fees:
    Transaction amountFee per transaction (RM)
    IBG (RHB-to-RHB)
    Any amount
    IBG (interbank)Any amount
    DuitNow to accountUp to RM5,0000.00
    DuitNow to accountAbove RM5,0000.50
    DuitNow to proxyUp to RM5,0000.00
    DuitNow to proxyAbove RM5,0000.50

            * This is the general fee. Exact fee may differ depending on agreement between merchant and RHB.