For manual and Auto Collections, the Bank Retry function can be set up for banks to retry payment collection in the case of insufficient funds. Please note that banks cannot perform retries for system errors. Banks can perform retries up to 4 times, once per working day until the collection is successful or the bank has reached the retry limit. Unfortunately, this service is not provided by all banks. For banks that do not provide retry services, merchants would need to upload another Collection File for the unsuccessful collections.

To set up the Bank Retry function:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Settings” - “General”.

  3. Click on the “Collection” tab on the top bar.

  4. Tick on the “Collection Number of Retry (Bank Retry)” checkbox.

  5. Specify the number of times for the bank to perform retries, maximum is 4. 

  6. Click on “Save” and refresh the page.