Merchants can install a Curlec plugin to collect real-time payments in a convenient way from their online stores. Currently, Curlec plugins are only available for Ecwid and WooCommerce online stores.

Ecwid Installation & Configuration


To install the Curlec Online Banking Plugin on an Ecwid store: 

  1. At the Ecwid Dashboard Side Navigation Panel, under Configuration, select Apps, then App Market.

  2. Search for Curlec in the App Market and select Install in its app page. 

  3. Under the Configuration section of the menu, navigate to the Payment page.

  4. Once installed, Curlec will appear in the Current Payment Methods section.

  5. Enable Curlec for an Ecwid store using the slider on the right.


To start accepting Curlec payments in an Ecwid store, a merchant must first register with Curlec. Once verified, they will be provided with their Merchant ID and Employee ID. 

To configure the app for payments in an Ecwid store: 

  1. Find Curlec Online Banking among the Current Payment Methods list on the Payment page

  2. Under the Actions dropdown, select Edit

  3. The App Settings page will be shown, where merchants need to update their Merchant ID and Employee ID.

  4. Choose the preferred payment mode. These modes tell the Curlec app which system to use – either staging (Test) or production (Live). Please select Live to process transactions.  

  5. Under the Appearance Options frame, enter the desired checkout display name (e.g. Curlec Online Banking). This would be the payment method display name that customers see on the checkout page. Be sure to Enable this payment method for checkout. 

  6. (Optional) Custom payment instructions can be set up in the Payment Instructions For Customers frame, to inform customers of the payment process. An example would be:

    “Once you click continue, you will be requested to select your bank. You will then be redirected to your online banking website to complete the payment. The Online Banking method is powered by: