If a customer reports that he/she has been mistakenly charged or overcharged, merchants can conveniently issue a refund to them via the “View Collections” page.

Note that refunds can only be issued for: 

  • Collections with collection status Successfully Complete.

  • FPX mandates only. The system cannot generate refunds to credit card mandates authorised by MPGS because credit cards are tokenised thus account details cannot be accessed.

To issue a refund:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Collections” > “View Collections”.

  3. Click on Detail View”.

  4. Look for the Reference Number(s) and/or customer(s) of interest. Click on the checkbox to the left of each line item you want to issue a refund to.

  5. Click on Refund”.

  6. Fill up the pop-up form (note that Refund Amount cannot exceed Collection Amount”) and click Create”.

  7. You may view the status of each refund by clicking on the main menu > Payouts” > “View Payouts”. Refunds are labelled as Refund under the Purpose column.