There is a high rejection rate when using Malaysian-issued cards for online transactions. These errors appear during the payment stage of the transaction process, after the customer’s card details have been authenticated (tokenised). The reasons for these rejections consist of the following categories:

  1. Do Not Honor (Not Opted In):

    • The customer’s card-issuing bank is not authorising the transaction. Thus, no funds will be transferred. This is the leading cause behind such failed online transactions.

  1. Insufficient funds: 

    • There are not enough funds in the customer’s card to perform the transaction

  1. Card Cancellation:

    • The customer’s card has been lost or misappropriated, resulting in the termination of their card. 

We are only provided with the card rejection status from the banks and therefore, unable to give detailed information on the rejection reasons. 

In the case where the card authentication has failed, the following solutions are available: 

  1. Customers need to enable online payments for their cards. Further information is provided here.

  2. Customers can contact their card-issuing bank to request assistance. They should provide the charge amount, date/time, and the merchant name to the bank. 

We would also recommend the following solution: Using Curlec’s Charge Now feature, a refundable RM1 fee will be instantly collected from the customer after their card gets tokenised. This collection is performed to verify that the customer’s bank has approved the transaction and the customer can smoothly proceed with their card payment. The merchant will need to carry out this collection and refund process.