Direct Debit is convenient.

  • Customers do not have to worry about missing payment dates and having to be charged late payment fees

  • Curlec also automates your bill payments so that they are never forgotten, lost or delayed. Forget unexpected interruptions in your subscriptions or utilities. 

  • Automated, customers do not have to go to the physical store or log in to online banking to make payments. 

  • Forget paper forms. Curlec utilises electronic mandates which are hassle free, can be completed on-the-spot and are approved instantly. 

Direct Debit is safe.

  • It is operated by PayNet which is the national payments network in Malaysia, tightly regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia

  • Curlec partners with banks that are closely monitored by Bank Negara Malaysia. 

  • Funds are transferred directly from the customer’s bank into the merchant’s bank, without being handled by a third party. 

  • Curlec, who facilitates the transactions, is compliant with Malaysian banking standards.