Merchants might want to collect one-off setup or registration fees from customers. This initial/down payment can be set up together with the mandate, so that it can be collected once the ENRP is approved, or on the first collection date.

To make an initial collection:

New Mandates

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Mandate” - “New Mandate”.

  3. Choose the initial collection option from the drop-down menu.

  1. If you have not chosen the "No Initial/Down Payment" option, enter the initial collection amount (RM).

  2. Complete the mandate form as usual.

Note: Disabling "Generate CFT Once ENRP is received" in the Collection settings will not prevent it from being shown as an initial collection option when creating a new mandate.

Existing Mandates

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Mandate” - “View Mandates”.

  3. Go to the Collection Settings of an existing mandate.

  4. Choose the Initial Payment/Downpayment option from the drop-down menu.

  5. Enter the Initial Payment/Downpayment Amount (RM) you wish to charge your customers.