After a mandate is approved, merchants have the permission to collect recurring payments from customers. There might be cases where the collection amount and/or the maximum mandate amount need to be changed. Both collection amount and maximum mandate amount are updated differently.

1. Configure Collection Settings - Collection Amount 

To update collection settings for a mandate:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Mandates” - “View Mandates”.

  3. Look for the mandate for which you wish to edit the collection settings.

  4. To change the collection amount, click on the three-dots icon > select Collection Settings > edit the settings accordingly > click “Submit”.

Alternatively, click on the collection amount you want to change under the Collection Amount column. There is a pencil icon next to it indicating it is editable.

On the Collection Settings pop-up window (as shown below), aside from the Collection Amount, merchants can also change: 

Alternatively, clicking on the collection amount will bring up a simpler pop-up window (as shown below) where only the Collection Amount can be changed.

If Scheduled Collections are enabled, a pop-up message will appear to request an overwrite for all upcoming Scheduled Collections. Selecting Yes will delete all future upcoming Scheduled Collections In Queue and create a new list of Scheduled Collections based on the updated collection settings. 

2. Edit a Mandate - Maximum Mandate Amount

When the maximum collection amount needs to be changed, the mandate would go through maintenance. A maintenance on the mandate amount would require authorisation from the customer, hence a payment of RM1. A maintenance has to be made when the maximum mandate amount is insufficient for collection.

To perform maintenance on a mandate:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Mandates” - “View Mandates”.

  3. Look for the mandate you wish to perform maintenance. 

  4. On the right, click on the pencil icon.

  5. Edit the details accordingly.

  6. Click on “Proceed to FPX

  7. The page will be redirected to the customer’s online banking portal to complete the authorisation.

Once authorised, the status of the mandate will change from N-Approved to M-Approved to indicate that maintenance was performed for this mandate.