Merchants who sign up for our services can enable multiple users to have access to the Curlec . Note that these users are created for internal management only; the merchant's customers are not considered as these users.

There are 4 user types that can be assigned by merchants to their employees to access the portal:

1. Administrator

- Able to access all functions on the portal

2. Manager

- Able to create mandates/Instant Pay and add users, unable to perform       collections 

3. Salesperson

- Able to create mandates/Instant Pay, unable to perform collections

4. View-only users

- Can only view mandates and Instant Pay

Each user type has a different level of access to the portal, as summarised in the table below :




View Only User

View mandates & Instant Pay

Create & update mandates/Instant Pay

Create & manage users

Create & update collection files

Update enrolments/receipts

View dashboard

Configure merchant settings