Merchants can temporarily stop Auto and Scheduled Collections from existing mandates by disabling them. 

Option A: Disable Auto/Scheduled Collections in View Enrolments

  • Click on the main menu. 

  • Select “Collections” - “View Enrolments”.

  • Look for the mandate(s) for which you wish to temporarily stop collections. 

  • On the right side of the page, there are 2 toggle options to click on:

  • Disabling the Enable Collection toggle prevents all collections from being performed 

  • Disabling the Enable Auto Collection/Enable Scheduled Collection toggle prevents the automated generation of future collections 

    User Interface for Auto Collections

    User Interface for Scheduled Collections

If Enable Auto Collection or Enable Scheduled Collection are disabled but Enable Collection is enabled, merchants can still collect payments manually from the system. If all are disabled, then merchants will not be able to make any collections. Note that turning off these toggle(s) does not terminate the mandate.

Option B: Disable Upcoming Scheduled Collections in View Mandates 

Merchants can temporarily put all upcoming Scheduled Collections from an individual mandate on hold and stop generating new ones by following these steps:

  • Select “Mandates” - “View Mandates”.

  • Click on the three-dots on the right side of the mandate for which you wish to temporarily stop collections.

  • Select Scheduled Collections.

  • In the upper right corner of the pop-up, disable the Generate Upcoming Schedule(s) toggle.

  • This stops new scheduled collections from being generated. 

  • Another pop-up with a checkbox will appear as a final confirmation to disable the toggle.

  • You will have several optional selections for disabling existing Scheduled Collections "In Queue", namely:

    • Initial Payments
    • Automatically generated Scheduled Collections
    • Manually generated Scheduled Collections 

Queued Scheduled Collections that are disabled will be greyed out. These collections will not be performed. But by re-enabling the toggle at a later date, this will resume generating new Scheduled Collections. If the collection period has not been exceeded, the new Scheduled Collections will be dated after the toggle's re-activation date. 


If the monthly effective collection date was originally set on 24th May, re-enabling the toggle in early September will generate new Scheduled Collections for 24th September and the following months. Re-enabling the toggle after 24th September (but before 24th October) will generate new Scheduled Collections for 24th October and the following months.