Customers would be notified through email when a successful Instant Pay transaction has been made. Merchants can choose to notify their customers again about a successful Instant Pay by resending an email. Merchants can edit the email templates to customise the emails that are sent to the customers. Below shows an example of the email that would be received by a customer.

In the case where an Instant Pay was not successfully approved or has yet to be approved, an email will be sent to the customer as a reminder to complete the verification. Merchants can also resend the email to the customers. Customers can then click on the “Pay Now” button in the email to complete the payment verification. Below shows an example of the email.

To send/resend an email:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Instant Pay (FPX)” - “View Instant Pay (FPX)”.

  3. Search for the customer you wish to send/resend an email.

  4. Click on the three-dot icon and choose Send/Resend Email”.

  5. Click “Yes” on the pop-up window to confirm.