Email templates contain the messages to be sent to customers for different notification purposes. Merchants need to edit the email templates in Raw HTML format. They can use an online HTML editor to visualise and make changes to their email templates.

Placeholders are phrases in the HTML code with an underscore between words. The full list can be viewed here. Placeholders will be filled with information based on the inputs or data stored in the backend. 

Merchants can edit their email templates in 2 ways:

  • Edit the message in the template by changing the normal text in the HTML code. 

  • Remove or move the position of placeholders, without changing the spelling of placeholders.

To edit email templates:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Settings” - “Email Templates”.

  3. Choose the email category from “Mandate”, “Collection”, “Instant Pay”, “Service” and “Others”.

  4. Click on the pencil icon beside the individual email template to be edited.

  5. Copy the Raw HTML code and make the changes in a HTML editor.

  6. Paste the edited code back into the Raw HTML textbox.

  7. Alternatively, edit directly in the Raw HTML textbox.

  8. Click “Update”.