The termination of a mandate can only be done by the customer. Merchants are not able to terminate a mandate on behalf of their customers. To terminate a mandate, customers need to create a Curlec account and approve a RM1 transaction.

To terminate a mandate: 

  1. On the right side of the desired mandate for termination, click on the three-dot icon.

  2. Select “Terminate Mandate”.

  1. Fill in the “Please State Reason to Terminate” field.

  2. Click on “Proceed to FPX”.

  3. Customers will be redirected to their online banking portal to complete the authorisation.

Once the RM1 payment has been approved, the mandate status will change from N-Approved to T-Approved indicating that the mandate has been terminated. 

However, merchants can control whether or not a mandate is ready to be terminated. To do that, merchants need to set some rules upon the mandates - either for all mandates or for a specific mandate.