Merchants can get an overview of both Direct Debit and Instant Pay collections using the Graph function on the portal. Both graphs are visible on the dashboard when merchants log in. The top of each graph shows the total collection amount in that particular year. The graphs can display for a specific month the: 

1. Total volume 

- Number of transactions made for that month

2. Target value

Targeted amount (RM) to be collected for that month

3. Estimated value

- Total mandate collection amount (RM) that month

4. Current value

- Current amount (RM) collected for that month

Merchants can click on the legends above the graphs to hide/unhide the selected displays.

To view the graphs individually:

  1. Click on the main menu.

  2. Select “Graph” - “Direct Debit Collections” or “Instant Pay (FPX)”.

Direct Debit Collections graph:

Instant Pay Collections graph: